Little Bug, we made some promises today

Today, Little Bug, Daddy held you in his arms, with Oliver and I beside you, and our church family before us, and God all around us... and we spoke out loud our commitment to your Maker. The One who formed you. The One who knows you. The One who is for you and with you and so very, very near you. The One who gave you to us, and us to you.

And we promised to love you well.

And we promised to love each other well.

And we promised to love the Lord well.

And Buddy, we will strive towards the perfection of those vows for the rest of our lives.

Have grace for us, Little Love. We are imperfect people, with our mouths hanging open, amazed that we should be trusted with you and your brother. Two precious souls, hidden beneath skin and bone, tucked into bed underneath our roof. 

It is an awesome task and we are humbled in the undertaking.

Sara DearComment