Wayne & Darcy, Bringing Home Baby

Oklahoma City, OK

This sweet session, this sweet couple, this sweet baby. I cannot even. I have had the privilege of walking with this girl through so many different seasons… and now to step into her home, just hours after her son was born, was almost more than my heart could take.

More than any other type of session, birth photography has my heart beat and I cannot wait to step into delivery rooms with families doing the brave and beautiful work of birth. This season in my family’s life doesn’t quite give me the margin that birthing momma’s need, so Fresh 48’s are about as close to birth as I can get. The closer to golden hour, the better in my opinion!

Until then, I love to hear the first versions of each wee one’s delivery. How his momma was a hero, how his daddy was an anchor, how labor progressed rapidly like a storm or slow and steady like a train, how each woman was sustained and so very carried, despite the way labor might have twisted and turned in unexpected ways. I will never tire of hearing these stories. I will never tire of capturing that very fresh love.

Sara DearComment
Bringing Home Liam

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Babies are the best. Aren’t they just the best? The way they smell, the way the cuddle, the way they grin in their sleep. And this boy, precious beyond words. I slipped into his home when he was days old, and lingered in his nursery while his mom fed him, and his dad snuggled him, and his pups kissed his head and sniffed his toes. It is such a privilege to be trusted to document such a precious and brief time. Goodness those newborn days feel like they last forever when you are in the midst of them. And then suddenly, you look down and your newborn has grown, into an amazing and captivating child.

Trip & Kacey, Bringing Home Baby

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I had the biggest pleasure slipping into Trip and Kacey’s beautiful home and capturing some truly precious moments for them of their early days with sweet baby Margaret. I watched them ohhh and ahhh over their sweet girl as we hummed to lullabies by JJ Heller and I carried them through their session. I loved their fascination with their wee girl, the way they were captivated by every yawn and sigh and grin. How many times did Kacey say, “Oh gosh, Trip. Look at her!” And I kept thinking the same thing. ‘Look at her! She is perfect!”

I sat down next to a woman at the Y this week, we were both feeding our babies and commiserating about the whole thing that is pregnancy. The exhaustion and the pain, the way we had both been stretched and torn and wounded from carrying our precious people. This beautiful and wonderfully loving momma, said what so many mommas feel during the wounding work they are doing, “In the middle, I wondered if it was worth it… and then she was here, and in my arms, and I knew I would do it again and again and again for her.”

“I loved her instantly. Of course, most parents love their children instantly. But I mention it here because I still find it a remarkable thing. Where was the love before? Where did you acquire it from? The way it is suddenly there, total and complete, as sudden as grief, but in reverse, is one of the wonders about being human.” —Matt Haig, How to Stop Time