Life flows from God, it flows from God

Oh Goodness. We are so far beyond thrilled to tell you that I am growing the newest member of our family. The littlest Sanders is due to arrive in early July, and we are already head over heels in love with this sweetheart. 

All four of us made it out of the first trimester alive, some days just barely. I survived the first trimester thanks to Daniel Tiger, my knight in shining armor, our sweet friends and the very grace of God. Oliver watched copious amounts of Daniel Tiger while I handed him raisins and crackers from the couch. I now have every episode available on Netflix memorized. Matt, ever the knight in shining armor, emptied an absurd amount of throw up buckets and became an expert quesadilla maker. And our sweet friends made grocery runs and came for playdates and helped me decorate for Christmas.  We are beyond blessed.

At 15 weeks, things are looking up. We met with our midwife yesterday and heard the heart beat again, a very welcomed and reassuring sound.

There is something about pregnancy that brings to surface an awareness of my complete lack of control... and with that awareness, a trembling heart. There is a tiny, precious life growing inside of me, that I cannot see or touch or even feel at the moment, and other than take vitamins and make healthy choices, there is very little I can do in the way of ensuring her development and health. I cannot keep her heart beating or her body pumping oxygen. I can not encourage his brain to grow, or his nervous system to properly develop. I cannot tell synapses to fire or DNA to replicate. The two of us, this baby and I, we are along for the ride.

Oh little one, I am carrying you, but the Spirit of God is making you; and the breath of the Almighty is giving you life. (Job 33:4) 

Thus, my anthem for this pregnancy...

You are God- Charlie Hall

You fill our hearts with love and faith.

You fight for us; You make us brave.

You are God. You are God.

And life flows from God.

It flows from God.

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