OKC Family Photography + Nehrenz Family

Play based photography sessions. We swing and giggle and snuggle and literally play our way through our photo sessions... and capture so much authentic sweetness in the process. I loved my morning with this sweet family and their blue eyed girl. She was a big fan of any activity or game that involved running or collecting rocks... and she did both with so much gusto! It did not take long before we eased her out of her shell and into belly laughs and ornery smiles. And this location! The conservatory at Will Rodgers Gardens gave us the most beautiful light and plenty of space to run and chase and enjoy the morning together. Laura & Mark, I will capture your family any time you ask! You all are a dream to work with and I cannot wait to meet your wee babe in the coming days!

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Mommy & Me Mini Session

Edmond, OK

Can I be honest and say that I rarely offer mini sessions because they stress me out? There are a lot of moving pieces and a short amount of time and tiny people with big feelings... and I feel all the pressure.

But also, I love mommas. And their babies. Like Love. Them.

This thing we do, mothering, is such an amazing and crazy and hilarious and confusing and (occasionally) disgusting, but also beautiful thing. 

And I want to capture it. All of it. As often and as much as I can.

And so we packed in as many mommas and their babies (big and little) as we could... and we danced and snuggled and laughed... and captured so much of that love to be hung on walls and secured in albums and framed on coffee tables and to be treasured for years to come.

Because babies are going to grow up and want to see their mommas in the frame and mommas need to be there.

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Oklahoma City + Vincent Family Greenhouse Session

Ok, I don't always get families with older kiddos in front of my camera... but when I do, we have THE best time.

The Vincent family humored me and we head to a local greenhouse and I had them snuggle up in the sweetest light. I mean, come'on, give me all the snuggling, laughing, teasing families in this pretty light. I loved leading them around these plants and eavesdropping on their family stories as I captured their family snuggles.

Vincents, you all were precious! Thanks for trusting me with your family photos during this fun season. Watching your love on your growing kids gives me a glimpse down the road I am walking with a toddler and a preschooler... and that glimpse makes me smile.

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