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Bringing Home Liam

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Babies are the best. Aren’t they just the best? The way they smell, the way the cuddle, the way they grin in their sleep. And this boy, precious beyond words. I slipped into his home when he was days old, and lingered in his nursery while his mom fed him, and his dad snuggled him, and his pups kissed his head and sniffed his toes. It is such a privilege to be trusted to document such a precious and brief time. Goodness those newborn days feel like they last forever when you are in the midst of them. And then suddenly, you look down and your newborn has grown, into an amazing and captivating child.

Scott & Trish Newborn Session

This sweet couple and this wee babe. Give me all the squishy newborns snuggled up in their daddy's hands. I feel like everyone needs to sit down with this precious boy's parents and a cup of tea and hear their story. I had the very big honor of stepping into their home and photographing their tiny blessing recently and my heart cannot with all the affection and newborn smell and labor and delivery story they shared.

Scott & Trish, blessings on your sweet family! Praying peace over the exhaustion of newborn days in your lovely home. Such big congratulaions on your wee boy!