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Knowing Who You Are & How You Are

This boy tumbled into our world over two years ago, and as I've been telling some of my friends who are first time moms, it's amazing how quickly you learn your baby. How they like to be held: vertical, horizontal, facing in, facing out. How they need to be fed: Burp them once, burp them twice, burp them half way through a feed, if they arch their back its a sure sign there will be a spit up explosion. How they like to be soothed: Swaddle them, one arm out, one arm tucked by their face, paci in, no paci at all. In less than 48 hours we have memorized our tiny people and their preferences.

But the process of knowing them, seems altogether different.

It's happening at a slower pace.

We are discovering them in bits and pieces.

In fits and starts.

And buddy, you have my whole attention.

I can't take my eyes off of you.

You who loves to discover the world, but hesitates to try new things. And when you work up the courage, approach challenges with serious determination.

You who loves to talk and fill the silence and be included in conversation, but can't always think of things to say. Although you often run out of words, you never run out of sounds.

You who loves people, but prefer to meet them on your own turf and in small numbers.

You who loves to "play snuggie" and cuddle, but can only sit still for a few seconds at a time.

You who loves to be outside, running and spinning and moving. You whose body craves gross motor play and struggles to regulate without it.

You who recharges and resets by being alone, so much so that we have built alone time into your day, and it is not your preference, but oh how it helps you.

You who loves to collect information and surprise us with what you remember days later. You who only has to be taught something once for it to be locked away in your head.

You who loves consistency and routine and sameness, and who longs for it when life pulls us away from our norm. 

You who loves praise, and loves to please, and who lights up when we point out the very many things that you do well.

You who needs meals at consistent times, and snacks to fill in the gaps and who gets beyond hangry when your blood sugar drops below a certain threshold.

You who loves to sing and dance and always has a beat that you are just waiting to lay down.

You are a mystery buddy.

And we are only beginning to explore the depths of who you are and how you are.

We are mesmerized.

We are captivated.

We are head over heels.