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Milo Chap, Month 10

10 Months. Oh Chapper Boy, your babyhood is flying by. I love watching you grow into yourself... your silly, wild, adventurous self. Your intense, passionate, determined self. Your cuddly, squishy, delicious self. It is such a deep, deep joy.

Milo is a crawling machine. He's on hands and knees now, wearing the floors out with his speed crawling. Oliver can hear him thundering down the hall, towards his room, and depending on O's mood, there is either a surge of excitement and belly laughs or a panicked and desperate "NOOOO! Chappers!!! No!!!!!.  Although Milo can crawl, and is definitely efficient, he spends most of his time on two feet. He uses anything he can get his hands on as a prop for his standing. He's started using the baby walker with help and the look of pride that spreads across that face as he propels himself down the hall is too much for my heart.

He loves to babble and has all sorts of sounds. He seems to favor some for a few days and then move on to a new sound. Today it has been "Esssssssss, Esssssss, Esssssss" all day long. He is especially vocal at meals, and has no tolerance for baby food unless there is also a little something on his tray that he can shovel into his mouth. He's now eating about 50% table food and 50% purreed baby food at each meal. Which means the length of Milo's time at the table has quadroupled, because buddy only has so many teeth, but a very hungry tummy. He loves Strawberries, Avocado (HadoCado in Oliver-speak), Cheese, Peas, Peanut Butter Crackers and Bananas... He'd rather not eat eggs or any form of meat unless it is hidden in a bite of baby food. He's taking 5-6 bottles per day. (2-4oz during the day and 6oz before bed, in the middle of the night, and at waking). He lets us know when he's ready for a bottle by crawling up to us and mouthing and licking our arm or leg or cheek, whatever he can get his mouth on and taste... it's both crazy endearing and disgusting at the same time. Which basically sums up being a boy-mom.

Speaking of the middle of the night... we are down to just one feed at night... although, the past week, there has been a resurgence of pleas for two bottles per night... but after a little love, he makes it another few hours. Most nights he takes a bedtime bottle at 6:45pm and then a middle of the night feed anywhere between 2am and 4am. His day starts anywhere between 5am and 6am... but typically it's more like 5am. To be fair, Matt still takes the early morning shift (what would I do without him!?), but if he has a late night at work, then I push through and handle the middle of the night and the 5am wake up call.  And I don't like coffee. But I wish I did. Because 5 am is unkind.

He is ready for a morning nap thee hours after waking, so I typically lay him down around 8:30 or 9am. And if we don't have anything going on in the morning he sleeps for about an hour. I wake him up at 1.5 hours because his afternoon nap gets pushed too late if he goes longer. He's ready for an afternoon nap most days around 2pm and he sleeps about two hours in the afternoon... longer if Oliver is quiet.

The fuzzy hair is now half laying down and half standing straight up depending on the recency of his bath and the amount of food he has scrubbed into his scalp. But I love the way it feels against my cheek when he's asleep on my shoulder. There will probably be real tears when it is replaced by a head of toddler hair in the coming months. Just another thing about his babyhood that I am trying to memorize each night when I lower him into his crib.

Sweet boy, you are so deeply and fiercely loved. We are treasuring these last few months of your baby days and are filled with excitement and heartache as we prepare to leave your babyhood. We are so incredibly blessed and privileged to watch you grow and develop, because it means you are healthy... but oh there are days I just want to linger in this season with you. To keep your squishy legs, and your baby coos and your grunty nose and your fuzzy head. But then you start screaming at 4am and I'm thankful that babyhood is a season. I love you... and I love sleep. And I'd love to have my cake and eat it too. You are so precious to us. You are one of us. You are part of us. You belong to us. 

Today Oliver was singing a made up song about you, called "Miwoe-- toe eater-- Sane-ders!" We would be an althougher differnt type of Sane-ders without you bubba. And our made up songs would be so vanilla without our "toe-eater".

Milo Chap, Month 9

And we blinked and nine months with this cutie pie has flown by. We can hardly believe it. Two nights ago, we were in the middle of dinner time chaos... me scooping spoonfuls of sweet potato from Milo's chin back into his mouth, and Matt breaking down exactly how many more bites of pasta Oliver needed to eat in order to get a popsicle... and I caught his eye... this man that I feel in love with almost a decade ago... and I started laughing... Our dinners look so different now than they did then... they are so much louder, so much more food lands on the floor, so many cheerios are spread across the table and are getting crunched beneath our feet... and as overstimulating as some meals (days) can be... we are in the middle of so much that we have been hoping for.

It appears that Milo has survived his fragile days, and is now giving Oliver as much trouble as Oliver gave him a few months ago. If Oliver is playing on the floor, then Milo is crawling/climbing/planking across him. For the most part, Oliver takes it good naturedly... but a brother can only handle so much and Milo just doesn't know when enough is enough. And man, is he tough He can take a tumble without even batting an eye... falling off the changing table, however, is enough to take anyone's (and everyones!) breath away. Not that that happened at our house... this morning... or that we are on concussion watch today.

Milo weighs in now at a solid 20 pounds (58th percentile) and is 28 inches tall (43rd percentile). His head continues to outpace his body (87th percentile). Over the last month, 4 more teeth sprouted (I wish it happened as gently as "sprouting.") He now has a total of six teeth and he knows how to use them. Buddy loves to eat... and can handle small bits of soft food along with his pureed baby food. Bananas and sweet potatoes remain his favorites.

He is an army crawling machine... when properly motivated by a shoestring or a stray cheerio or an open bathroom door. He very rarely gets up on hands and knees, but makes good use of his toes and elbows for scootching (mopping) the living room floor. He loves to climb on anything and everything, and pulls up to stand whenever and where ever he can.

His hair, continues to stand straight up... no amount of combing, wetting, and patting it down can tame those wild hairs. As if we would even want to tame that mane.

Sleeping is going a bit better... and by that I mean, we are no longer up for endless hours with a wide awake baby at 4 am. Not that we've done anything different. Buddy still takes a 10pm and a middle of the night bottle... what a sad day for him it will be when we start weaning him from the bottle in the coming months. This weekend we are going to try again to transition away from one of those feeds... so when you hear a great sadness coming from the South Bay in the middle of the night... its just our house, working through our nighttime issues.

As of last week, Milo has perfected the art of the shrill shriek... we hear this most often at the table, when he wants more or less of something. The pitch of that shriek is remarkable... and my ear drums are near bleeding. We've started working on a few baby signs... hoping to preserve our ear drums and empower this little soul to communicate... however, we have quite a bit of work to do on that end.

Chap, we look at you as a babe and we wonder who you will be as a toddler. We can imagine the wild, bumping, and jumping, jostling bundle of boy... we can't quite see it yet, but we can imagine it. I love this season that we are in, I love the cuddles and sleepy snuggles, and the toting you around on my hip. But I will also love, the busy, creative season of you and your brother in another year. It is my privilege, sweet boy, to rock you to sleep at night, to watch your drowsy eyes give themselves over to dreams. It is my privilege to mother you, to shelter you, to bear witness to your babyhood. You are dearly and deeply loved, son.

Milo Chap, Month 7

Here we are. At the 7th month of raising two boys in the Sanders' home. So that we are on the same page, you can know that it is 5am and I'm tucked in on the couch with Milo on the floor and a box of toys spread out in front of him. There is an impossibly tall pile of clean clothes in the corner of the rug, and a Daniel Tiger coloring book on the coffee table. The lamp beside me is dimly lit, because I'm hoping that Milo will decide that 5am just isn't worth it.

This baby, you all. He has done so much growing over the last month. We were in Oklahoma for the holidays (blessed with close to three weeks of time with family) and by the time we landed back at SFO, we had a different baby with us.  Overnight Milo learned to sit up and play with toys. He found his balance in what felt like a matter of days and suddenly would NOT tolerate laying on down to play.

He now weighs in at 14 pounds and is in the 20th percentile for height. He cut his front bottom teeth just before Christmas. Thank goodness for teething tablets and infant tylenol. He's found his voice and loves to tell us just how he's feeling, at top volume. "Da Da Da DA" and "Pa pa pa pa" are his favorite sounds, next to growling, which he does, A LOT.

Over the last month, my milk supply continued to drop and I nursed this sweet boy for the last time a few nights ago. I'm still pumping twice per day, but I'm sure that will wrap up shortly. I am so thankful for the tender hours we've had nursing over the last seven months... it is definitely work to contain my perspective and choose thankfulness over disappointment as this precious season with him closes.  He's now drinking 4oz-5oz per feed every 4 hours. Last night he gave me my longest stretch of sleep since he was born. He slept from 10:30pm - 4:13am. (Granted, he didn't want to go back to sleep until 5:50am, but still, momma got to sleep for over 5 straight hours!).

He's settled into eating three meals per day... and is just now starting to tolerate homemade baby foods, versus store bought. Buddy definitely loves fruit, and grimaces when we slip spoonfuls of peas or squash into his mouth. Last week he managed getting his first finger food to his mouth on his own... you know, just charting the major accomplishments.

I suspect we are weeks away from having a crawling boy. He rolls and squirms all over the living room, which is starting to make me nervous... trying to keep Oliver's tiny barn animals, and marbles, and everything deemed "Special to Ah-ver" away from slobbery fingers.

His favorite things right now are any toys that have lights and make noises (For sanity's sake I've tried to keep these toys out of our toy box and out of our home, but nonetheless, we have several and they are his favorites, naturally.)As long as his brother is playing near him, Milo is content. He loves his paci, and needs it to fall asleep. I'm systematically trying to make his grey lovey his favorite... but he has yet to seem too attached to it.

It's hard to imagine life before this squirmy, fuzzy little baby was sleeping down the hall, adding to the music of our chaos with his squeals and his screams. We are still tired. Not dead on our feet tired anymore, most days it feels like there is a low drum of fatigue humming in the background. Life with two is an exercise in doing more with less. And we are blessed to have our hands full. And we are really blessed when we have our hands full and are well rested.

Milo, buddy, you are special to us.