Kyle & Rachael, Fresh 48

There is nothing like the first 48 hours with a newborn. Blissful and bleary eyed days as you learn your wee one and your wee one learns you. I had the absolute honor of stepping into that sacred space with Rachael and Kyle this week. It's been my privilege to walk beside Rachael during different seasons, to love on her as a high school student, to pray with her over steaming cups of tea in college, to stand beside her on her wedding day, and this week to walk her through the ins and outs of a tight swaddle and then hand that lovely wee one to her husband.

Kyle & Rachael-

Such big and beautiful congratulations on your daughter. She is  absolutely breathtaking. Oh we are praying peace over your home, over your hearts, over your wee girl in the coming days. May you be full of grace for each other and yourselves, full of hope on the long days, and have eyes that are lifted to the mountains. Now comes the fun part, you get to do this for a long, long time.

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