And we are home

And we are home. All tucked in to a new house. Toys spilling across the living room rug. Sippy cups lingering in the sink. Mostly unpacked. But not quite. The smell of us is gradually overtaking the new home scent, and is turning the house with the blue door into our home.

We did the big move. And it was a BIG MOVE.

And we found just so many mercies poured over us.

There were so many moving pieces to our relocation. Closing dates. Packing dates. Loading dates. Delivery dates. Plane tickets. Vehicle transport. So many ways that things could have gone sideways in a hurry.

And every. single. detail. was provided for.

We were so well provided for.

And we did not lack a thing.

We were so thoroughly loved as we left sweet friends in California. And so thoroughly loved as we fell exhausted into the arms of sweet friends and family in Oklahoma.

We are all dealing with various degrees of homesickness for West Riverside Way. Oliver persists in referring to it as our "Normal House," while we currently live in our "New House."  Which, for the record, feels so luxurious with things like a a laundry room and air conditioning. Not that we need the AC right now. We had our first snow this past weekend, and it was everything I had been missing. We cozied up with blankets and hot chocolate and legos and sweatpants and soup. And hibernated. Which was exactly what we needed.

And so we are busy making this place home. And baking cookies. And cleaning up messes. And neighboring our neighbors. And reacclimating to Oklahoma. And finding our new rhythm. And our new library. And our new park. And our new doughnut store (But there is no place in the world quite like Stan's Doughnuts and this breaks Oliver's heart. And mine.) We are finding the quickest routes to our grandparent's homes and to their candy jars.

And we are so full of hope and cookie dough. The Lord is meeting us here in the middle of this transition, with all His grace and all His mercy. We have been so very carried. Carried to this place. And this job. And this season. And this neighborhood.

And we are so full of hope. 

And cookie dough. 

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