Three Yellow Lollipops

This sweet boy loves to bust a move. There is just so much jumping and dancing and marching and stomping across our wood floors. There are just so many songs being sung and hummed and mumbled and screamed within our four walls. And a few weeks ago, his dance moves got the best of him, and led to handfuls of blood pouring from his poor little lip as he sat on the kitchen counter with his feet in the sink and a rag pressed against his mouth. And also, a sad little tooth that fractured beneath the gum line.

So this Thursday night, the tooth fairy will be visiting his little room.

And trading three yellow lollipops for his front tooth.

We have now written a letter to the Tooth Fairy, requesting the "free yea-a-wooah wahweepops" (three yellow lollipops) in leu of cash.  O's oral surgeon, Dr. Alex (who has Tooth Fairy connections, obviously) will get the letter delivered after the extraction.

And we will be having a post extraction family ice cream party.

Because Shakira's "Waka Waka" inspired some incredible and slightly dangerous dance moves.

And for the next few years he will be rocking the missing front tooth look.

Which I completely believe he can pull off.

But still.

My momma heart hurts.

So if you see us out and about in the next few weeks, feel free to let him know that he looks like such a BIG KID with that little gap in his front teeth. And feel free to let me know that he does, in fact, wear the little gap well.

Cheers to all you boy moms, and all the stitches and the scars and the broken bones and the missing teeth.



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