Will I be five on Saturday?

"So... will I be five on Saturday?"

"So after I'm 'free years' what number will I be?"

"Will I be five in a wong wong (long, long) time? Yes or no."

"When is June?"

These are the questions we are answering on a daily basis. 

We told Oliver that his permanent tooth will grow in maybe when he's five years old... and now he is very preoccupied with exactly when five will happen to him.

You guys, he is sporting that little gap and he makes it look so good. We are in love with his new cheesey smile. And despite his obsession with turning five, he often checks himself out in the mirror and says "Yup, my hole is still der... and it wooks gweat!"

We did everything we could to prepare this sweet boy for the big day. We read books about losing teeth, we talked to all our big cousins about their lost teeth. We looked at pictures of other kiddos with little gaps and missing teeth. And the morning of the procedure we memorized Psalm 56:3 together and then tucked it in his little pocket.

"When I am afraid I will trust in You... Jesus keeps me safe."

And our sweet brave boy did just great.

He was a tiny little baby hulk going under anesthesia and a tiny little baby hulk waking up from anesthesia.

But by the time we got him home and got a little chocolate pudding in his tummy, he was kicked back cheerfully watching shows on the couch.

That night we tucked his first little baby tooth into his tooth fairy pillow and stared out the window for a long time, trying to catch a glimpse of her.  He had a few questions about whether or not we could put the tooth back in his mouth, before he was ready to part with it. And when we told him to put the pillow someplace safe and he climbed out of his bed and slipped the pillow underneath. 

Which made our job super easy when we snuck in a few hours later and retrieved that little tooth. We tucked three yellow lollipops into the tooth pocket and stepped out of his room with an itty bitty tooth. 

Suddenly and surprisingly and fiercely attached to that little piece of our son.

So... What do all of you mommas and daddies do with your babies teeth? Because we now have one hidden in a little jar in Matt's sock drawer.

And there is no way we are getting rid of it anytime soon. Which is kind of creepy and weird. Unless it's your first born's first lost tooth. And then it is precious. And super sentimental. And only a little tiny bit weird.

The next morning, he was a bit disappointed that the tooth fairy hadn't stuck around. He was perpetually looking out the window and checking around the house to see if she had hidden herself somewhere. Matt had to remind him to check the little pillow and see what she had left. And that first yellow lollipop sat on the table for a solid 48 hours, getting a good lick or two every now and then. Because after an ordeal like that... you can leave your lollipop on the table for as long as you want and take as many licks as you need. 

We love you buddy.

We are so proud of you.

And we love your little smile.

Don't worry too much about turning five. it will come when it comes.



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