A Vewee Hungwee Cataputta Birthday

We had a "Vewee Hungwee Cataputta Birfday Party" last week to celebrate our big boys. One. and Three. My babies are ONE and THREE. Oliver almost lost his mind as he saw his cake being baked, frosted and sitting on the table prior to their party. 

The night I was baking it, he was already in bed. I brought him little shavings of the cake and he grinned and munched and cake crumbs stayed in the corners of his mouth.

I love being a mom.

I also feel like the internet needs to know that Matt did a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to the cake. He can work wonders with a roll of fondant. I would be lost without that man.

We had a caterpillar made of paper lanterns hanging above the table, and Oliver walked in and immediately asked "Will dat cataputta turn into a beautiful buttafwy?"

Three year olds, man.

Both boys preferred the fondant to the actual cake. Next year, I'll know.

We kept it simple this year and had one sweet family over to celebrate with us... Oliver was under the assumption that he would get to feed "Hadwee" his "cataputta cake."  But when it came down to it, he was too fascinated with fondant to notice that she was perfectly able to feed herself.

Oliver delicately peeled off the tag on each gift that he unwrapped and told us he wanted to save it.

Milo bounced around on the floor aggressively waving scraps of Star Wars wrapping paper he peeled off gifts, which gave O time to examine each gift throughly.

Before the day was over, both boys slept off their sugar comas, and fears were allayed when we realized why Oliver refused to climb inside the rocket we hung in his room while he slept off the birthday cake. No, son, it is not a real rocket, nor will it make loud noises or really take you to the moon.

We loved celebrating these little people. Loved watching them light up when we sang Happy Birthday. Loved remembering the precious day that each of them was born. 

Happy Birthday sons. We love you both, so deeply and so dearly. 

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