Milo Chap, 1 Year

And this evening at 6:32pm, we took a moment and smelled this fuzzy head and kissed these squishy cheeks and remembered one year ago at that very moment, we heard his sweet cry and saw his sweet face and held his tiny frame in our arms for the very first time. Unspeakable joy following unbearable pain. So much life tucked into 7 pounds and 4 ounces. So much soul. So much spirit. So much Milo. My heart is bursting with joy at who you have become over the past year. We are captivated.

This little personality is a force to be reckoned with. Over the last month it has occurred to him that if Oliver gets something on his plate, he should get the very same on his plate. If Oliver is outside, he should ALSO be outside. If Oliver has a toy, he should have the exact toy in his little fists as well. It's like a switch flipped, and he recognized that he and Oliver share similar status in the family hierarchy... and he demands his fair share. He is squirmy and grunty and wild. Few toys hold his intrest for more than a moment or two, but if he can get a parent on the floor, it is game on with flailing limbs and giggles and growls. He and Oliver have discovered wrestling and if they are both feeling fiesty it's like a cage fight, with less blood and more giggles. 

Everything. And I mean everything, goes directly in his mouth. Just today I pulled out a refrigerator magnet, a fist full of mud, a few pebbles, leaves from his strawberry stem, sidewalk chalk and my iPhone. I'd love to avoid a trip to ER over the next year, but between his penchant for pebbles, his gift at climbing and his fearless spirit, I'm trying to set reasonable expectations.

Ironically, as much as he loves the taste of rocks and dirt, eating food is not his favorite. He is a fairly picky eater and I'm having to up my creativity when it comes to getting protein in this little boy, who would gladly live off of fruit and yogurt and dirt and rocks.

Sleep. Oh sleep. This kiddo. The last week is the first week we've seen real progress, only after I've completely avoided letting him fall asleep in my arms, even for naps (rip my heart out) has he mastered sleeping past 4:45 am (which was his wake up time over the past month or so). Oh if this trend could continue buddy. What a sweet gift for your momma and daddy. He's taking two naps per day (9am-10:30am) and (1:30pm-3:30pm). He's drinking four bottles (4-6oz) per day (waking, mid morning, mid afternoon and before bed). I'm hoping to start dropping one per week over the next four weeks... and we will be a formula free house in a month.

We've had quite a bit of separation anxiety recently, and Milo is increasingly becoming a mommy's boy. Which is honestly a gift because Oliver has laid claim to Matt and has a hard time tolerating my assistance with anything when Daddy is home. And we are having to help him practice endurance when Milo is getting daddy's attention. You parents of three and more amaze me. So many evenings right now its divide and conquer in our house. Bless you parents who are outnumbered in your household. You deserve all the icecream in the world.

Milo Chapman Sanders, you are so very precious to us. You bring so much life and energy into our home. We love you sweet boy and are amazed at how you have grown and changed and learned over the last year. We are having so much fun watching your personality emerge and imagining what that will look like as you walk through life. It takes our breath away when Dad and I realize just how quickly this year has flown by and just how different you are from the wee babe we brought home from the hospital. Oh that you would know how deeply and thoroughly you are loved, that it would pierce your soul and pave the way for Jesus' deep affection. That we would find favor in your eyes as you grow. That you would learn kindness, and gentleness and bravery and perserverence and sacrifice in our home. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy. I still can't believe you are ours.

(yes, I realize it's time to start talking in years, not months. I will. Just don't rush me, ok?)

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