Tim & Jen Lifestyle Session

Sunday morning with this sweet family. For Jen's belated Mother's Day gift, I popped over on Sunday morning and documented their life in real time. And it was precious, and wild, and noisy, and warm, and hilarious. Pictures can't even begin to capture the rhythm of their home and their hearts. When I first got there, I asked if I could just play with the kid a bit before pulling out the camera, to help them warm up to my presence in their home... in less than 30 seconds big sister was pretending ponies with me and little brother had snugged up in my lap. They are quite possibly the most endearing kiddos ever.

Tim and Jen-- Wave upon wave of blessings for your sweet family. We are praying for such a deep friendship between S and O as they grow. That their hearts would be knitted together in such a unique bond- wrought out of the aggressive love they have for each other! Peace, wisdom, grace and courage for you as you raise your tiny people.

Happy  (Belated) Mother's Day!