So this week Milo learned a new trick.

And it goes a little like this:

Pull up in the crib.

Scream like you are being tortured until someone comes in and helps you down.

Laugh like a crazy person.

Pull up in the crib.

Repeat until point of exhaustion.

But he's so darn cute.


On a separate note, we were in Trader Joe's this week... attracting all kinds of attention, because Oliver was quite loudly greeting people on the OTHER SIDE of the produce section with a cheerful "Hew-woe Der!" (How is he my child?) and it occurred to me that Oliver may not truly know Milo's actual name.

When an elderly woman with a Russian accent greeted us and asked the boys' names, Oliver replied "Ah-ver and Chap-a-brudda." When the woman looked to me for an interpretation and I told her his name was "Milo," she quite rightly had lines of confusion spread across her face.

Here's a quick run down of all the names Milo has acquired since his birth:









We are not wanting for nicknames in this house.

And Oliver's confusion is obviously justified.

More to the point, Milo is likely equally confused and may at some point develop an identity disorder.

Chap-a-brudda-- you are so special to us and we are sorry for all the confusion. Being a second born comes with it's fair share of difficulties, including an over-abundance of nicknames. We'll help you sort it all out one day.

Sara DearComment