Take a breath and breathe it in

From the fullness of His grace we have received one blessing after another...
— John, friend of Jesus (John 1:16)

And we are four. 

And we are family.

And my heart is so full it could burst.


And we are blessed.

And eight years ago, Matt was a blue-eyed boy, flirting with me at a party.

And today we are raising two tiny men together.

And last week he held my heart and my hands and my head as I took breath after breath and let waves of contractions bring our second blessing into our arms.


And where has eight years gone?

And who are we to have been given such blessings?

And who are we to raise these boys into men?


And the weight of it, and the joy of it, and the beauty of it all is heavy in our home. 

Sara DearComment