Milo Chap, Month 6

Six months, folks. We are six months old. And suddenly, we have preferences, and we need toys, and we need someone to change it up for us now and then. Seriously, he seemed like just an adorable, squishy, blob of baby until this past month. And now he is becoming Milo. And it has been such a fun month of getting acquainted with the six month version of him. 

So much has changed in our house with him this month, which means it has been a month filled with tiny heart breaks. I was telling a friend this afternoon that my new motto for this season of tiny heart breaks is "Don't think, just do." Permanently collapsing the packnplay because he's been promoted to his bedroom ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HALL? Don't think. Just do. Taking apart the baby swing to make room for the jumper? Don't think. Just do. Packing up all the left over 0-3 month clothes, in addition to all the 3-6 month clothes, folding them and putting them in the garage, never to be worn by this baby again? Don't think. Just do.

Seriously, I cannot even.

So I won't dwell.

In terms of sleep, not much has changed in terms of the frequency of feeds at night. He's waking at 10pm, 1 am, and 4 am to nurse. Since moving to his own room, he's falling asleep easily at the first two feeds, but is ready for his day at 4 am. Not my favorite. Seriously kid. I will feel no shame waking you up at the crack of dawn for school when you are a teenager.  During the day, he's eating every three to four hours... until recently... when I started realizing that my milk production was dwindling, and poor buddy was starving. I've dropped from pumping four to five ounces, to barely collecting 2 ounces. Which means another, not so tiny heart break. We spent a week trying natural and pharmaceutical ways to increase my production... and today he had his first bottle of formula. Don't think. Just do.

I was so blessed to have nursed him with ease for six months. Feeling thankful for those hours with him, and I'm sad that they are coming to an end. Trying to celebrate that season, rather than grieving it. Looking forward to getting a better sense of his intake, so we can start working towards sleeping through the night.

We've started solids with this guy over the past month. Initially we gave him rice cereal or oatmeal cereal in the evenings and now we are up to solids twice per day. Buddy loves fruits and tolerates veggies. He seems to do better if I add a little cereal to thicken homemade baby food. He has eaten up sweet potatoes and bananas and turns his nose up at avocado.

All his tummy issues have resolved. He's pooping regularly now that we've got him eating solids. His dairy sensitivity seems to have resolved, which makes me wonder if it really was dairy at all, or maybe just a bad virus that his little gut couldn't quite shake.

We are starting to try to transition from three naps down to two naps per day. It's that evening nap that is pretty hard to give up. Normally we let hm rest from 5:30pm to 6pm, but those days are numbered. Especially if he keeps starting his day at 4am.

As ever, the boys are equally fascinated with each other. Oliver's love continues to be a little aggressive and requires supervision, but Milo does not seem in the least bit put out with him, despite the numerous close calls they have had. During these pictures, O was sitting next to Chap and he said, "Mommy, Tap is my best fwiend! He weally is." 

May it always be, boys. May it always be.

Already, daddy and I are praying over and brainstorming ways to grow a deep, deep friendship between you.