"Ginger Cookie Abenture House"

Today, life in the Sanders' house included doughnuts from Stan's. Our very deepest and dearest favorite doughnut shop, which is ALWAYS worth standing in line for. Endless snuggles with our soon-to-be-six-month-old, who was over-tired from his late night activities. Binge watching Person of Interest on Netflix, while holding said baby. And Gingerbread House making... or as Oliver would say "Ginger Cookie Abenture House."  Surprisingly, Oliver was more in to decorating it then he was about eating the candy during the creation phase. He wins the prize for toddler with the most self control. Although, as soon as it was decorated, he was ready to eat it. The house is now missing a front porch, a tree, a boy and roof ornamentation. Milo supervised the entire process from his perch on the table.

We are hibernating. We are happy. We are pushing through the tired and having fun with our boys.