Flying Tandem

Stepping off the platform

So this one time, Matt and I decided to go zip lining. And it went something like this: Our friendly guides with Jamaican accents (Ya mon) suited us up in incredibly cute and comfortable harnesses (please hear the sarcasm), all the while joking about it being their first day on the job. There was some concern, initially, about whether or not Oliver would be having any siblings after this adventure, due to the fit of the harness on one of us in particular. We took a bus to the top of a mountain, and then hiked to the first traverse, where they clipped us, and the twelve other folks with us, onto a rope. And then, one by one, we willed ourselves off the platform, skimmed the tops of trees and flew across Jamaica... or at least a piece of Jamaica.

We had completed several traverses before landing on one particular platform. Now, at the beginning of the tour, they let us know that we would travel 7 traverses, in addition to 3 surprises. Apparently, we had arrived at one of the surprises. All the previous ropes we had zipped on were perfectly horizontal, this particular line traveled at a 45 degree angle down the mountain, and disappeared through the trees. The first person clipped in, stepped off the platform, and disappeared into the trees at an absolutely alarming speed. And then some joker in our group suggested Matt and I zip together, being as we are relatively small people, compared to other relatively large members in our company. And our guides obliged.

Without a word, he pulled us both forward, clipped us together, and told us to go. And I have no idea what happened next. I asked Matt later. Did we count to three? Did we look each other in eye to make sure we were both ready, and then give a nod? Did someone push us off? Apparently, none of that happened. Apparently, without a word or a look, we simultaneously stepped off the platform at the exact same moment. Adrenaline? Stupidity? Confidence? Probably a little of each.

And then we flew through the trees at lightning speed, with absolutely no clue where we would land. Holding on to each other. Holding on to the rope we were both attached to. Laughing and screaming.

And then we sailed on to the platform. Breathless.

Life is a little like that.

And at this exact moment, that is the only way I know how to describe what is happening in our lives.

We are clipped in together. Hanging on to each other. Hanging on to the rope. Taking a breath before stepping off the platform. Not quite sure where the line will carry us, but trusting we will land on our feet. Because the Rope we are hanging on is strong. And has proven Itself. And we trust It. And we trust each other.

And here is the part where I tell you that we are moving.

To California.

And we are thrilled. And heartbroken. And expectant. And anxious.

And we are stepping off the platform.

In February, Matt and I began looking at an opportunity with  Apple. Matt sent an email and a month later, the three of us were being flown to San Francisco for an interview. And it went well. Really, really well. And on Friday last week, Matt accepted a very honoring offer.

People, I am so proud of my sweet husband. I am proud of his work and what he is capable of... I'm pumped to see what happens when he can stretch his wings, but mostly, I am so proud of who he is. This kind, generous, and tender father and husband. There is no other man I would want to be clipped to as we step off the platform. 

The details are being sorted out... but it looks like the Sanders' will be ready for visitors in early June. We are starting a scholarship fund for familiar faces to visit.

Ahhh, people, we love you. And we have loved walking with you. And it will hurt to do it from a distance during this season.

We are trusting the Lord with you. We are trusting the Lord with us.


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