Oh Bless. 5 Months.


Oh bless. Our teeny-tiny, squawking, fuzzy headed newborn has turned into a growing, squirming, squealing monkey. It is absolutely amazing and alarming how quickly this transformation has happened.

We are absolutely fascinated. You have us buddy. We are all in.

This month you have become a big fan of your feet. Also, you love examining your hands, you hold them up, twisting them, turning them, observing them from every angle. You still hate tummy time, and your newest strategy when we place you on your tummy is to fall asleep. If you can't get out of it, you are going to pretend like it is not happening. Intentionally? Unintentionally? You open your mouth wide and press your face against our cheeks- a very wet sort of kiss, especially when you decide to have a little taste. Everything goes in your mouth these days, especially things with tags. Your shirt is constantly soaked. We have tried to help you go to sleep without being swaddled, but it's a no-go. You don't settle down until you are wrapped up tight with a paci in your mouth. You take all of your naps in your crib now. Well done! We thought that day would never come. You are days away from sitting up independently, although we are still catching you as you lean too far to the left or right, and it doesn't seem to phase you when we catch you just before your head makes contact with the carpet. We celebrated your 5 month birthday with oatmeal. Welcome to the wonderful world of food. Every day you are becoming slightly more proficient at the table, opening your mouth and leaning forward for a bite. You are still learning about swallowing, many bites leave your mouth once or twice before you get them down. And you squeal. Oh do you squeal. All. The. Time. Our ears are ringing. Thank you for that, bud.

We love you. We are so terribly and wonderfully proud of you. You have captured our hearts.


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