5 Minute Friday

So I'm experimenting with 5 minute Friday... where hundreds of writers gather here to write the muse into being. You’re welcome to join from your blog, your pen and paper, your thoughts left in the comments on. As long as you write. From anywhere – your desk, your car in the car pool line, your rocking chair with the baby in your arm and you typing on your phone. 




Little love, some days you are going to feel so ordinary. Maybe you will feel like you blend in, and no one really sees you, or knows you. You might be standing in front of your locker before 2nd period in a crowded hall of other 6th graders when it hits you, or maybe you were not the first pick, or the second pick or even the third pick for the kickball team, or maybe it will be something else, some other thing that invites you to feel like just another boy. Just another. Ordinary. 

That, sweetheart, is a big, fat, ugly lie. 

You are anything but ordinary. Don't buy what that Lie is selling. 

I want you to hear the truth about you. And not just with your ears, either. 

The truth about you is that you have so much personality packed inside your skin. There is no one else with their feet walking on this planet that is quite like you. No one with your voice, or your laugh. No one with eyes that shine and crinkle around the edges quite like yours. You have dreams and passions blended so uniquely. You have gifts to give this world... gifts only you can give. Without you, this world, this community, this family would be missing something that can never, ever be replaced. You are so loved, so deeply, deeply loved. You are so worth loving.

When that Lie comes creeping up, and whispers that you're ordinary... You put it in its place, Son.

And if you are having a hard time remembering, come tell me. We'll go out for ice cream and I'll help you remember who you are. Anything but ordinary. 




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