Fall 2019

Family Session Guide


You guys, We get to hang out soon…

I’ll bring my camera. You bring the kiddos. And we will have a blast. My sessions involve just a whole lot of movement. We run. We wiggle. We family snuggle. We are up. We are down. Genuine interaction is captured when we take the pressure off getting just the right smile, and instead tell poop jokes, throw autumn leaves, whisper secrets, and give kisses. So prepare yourselves. And your kids. Not to take pictures, but to meet up with your friend Sara, who is going to help you have fun and make memories… and she happens to be bringing her camera.

Before we hang out… I want to give you a few tips on how to get the images you want for your picture frames and your Christmas cards and the lock screen on your phone.


Let’s Talk Wardrobe

I’m going to break it down for you.

Step One. Momma, You do you. First. Find an outfit you love, something you feel comfortable in, something you can move it. Colors I’m loving for this season are Mustard, Burgundy, Olive, Camel, Copper, and Rust. Take moment and think about adding textures or layers. Waffle weaves, dresses that flow, chunky scarves.

Step Two. Kids. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Nothing makes a kid stiffer than an outfit he doesn’t jive with. What I’m trying to say is, don’t feel like your seven year old needs to be in a button up if that’s not his thing. Jeans and Chinos on a little guy with a solid V Neck or a sweater is just the thing. Feel free to find a cute cap (or ask me for one!) and call it done. Dresses that have a bit of movement on little girls are perfect. Think coordinating with momma, not matching with momma.

Step Three. Dads. Let me say it again. Comfort. Comfort. Comfort. Momma, if you are in a dress, that does not mean that Dad needs to be buttoned up. Sweaters. Crew Necks. Waffle Knits. These are PERFECT. Have him get a haircut a week before. And done.


Colors & Textures

Here is the thing about colors, I love them all, but best to stick to 3-4 in the fam. Feel free to carry colors between people by using scarfs, leggings and vests. Do your best to put no more than 2 people in patterns, photos can start to look busy if we get to working too many patterns. Instead, look to get different textures.

Stores to check out:



Aka Keeping your kids from melting down. Be sure they are fed. The deeper we get into Fall, the earlier our session time. Full tummies lead to happier hearts. Seriously. Dinner. Early. You’ll thank me. Warmth. Cold kids are grumpy kids. The family in these photos had hand warmers in their pockets and their shoes. This momma knows what’s up. With little kids, feel free to bring a few snacks that might help them cope. Stick to things that won’t cause lots of messy drool though… (no m&ms or skittles… nobody likes rainbow colored drool)

It is like so crazy tempting to ‘manage’ your kids during a photo shoot… let me take that pressure right off your shoulders. You play it cool and calm… and maybe have an adult beverage before you come. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your kids will be. I’ll suggest ideas and games for your family to play, you try to make it fun and inviting, and let your kids follow along. If they aren’t feeling that activity, don’t stress or feel like you have to force them into it. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to get them engaged. If I need you to reign them in a bit, I’ll give you the nudge.


And that’s pretty much it

We are going to have a legit blast together. I cannot wait to hang with your tribe, and capture your memories.

If we haven’t picked a location yet… here are a few places that have my heart for this season, although I’m always up for trying a new and different place with you, so come at me with your ideas!

Trails at Mitch Park • Paseo Murals • Fields in Rural Edmond

Yukon’s Christmas Tree Farm • Abide Studio Edmond

Kaiser’s Grateful Bean Cafe • Myriad Gardens • Martin Park Nature Center